Heart Centered Hypnotherapy entered my practice when I began to understand that my training in psychodynamic theory was extremely useful...

…in helping me guide my clients to a place of greater understanding of the self which allowed for healthier relationships with others. 

While this work has been so important in my career I also saw there was a large gap between our conscious and unconscious process and when the “I don’t know” became louder than the path to understanding our own behaviors I introduced my work in hypnotherapy as a compliment to my practice. 

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing experience by allowing for a healing experience to a message we have been carrying at times without being aware of it all.

To make a decision on whether or not Hypnotherapy is right for you please see below:


Natural Therapy Methods

Hypnosis is a natural brain state, we are in and out of this state several times throughout the day and just before we fall asleep.


Uses Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation techniques are used at the start of the session to become internally focused on the feelings and experiences that may arise.


We Provide a Safe Space

During the hypnotherapy process my goal is to provide a safe space where the client can express their feelings and experiences.


Discover Hidden Beliefs

Possible outcomes of hypnotherapy are to discover the hidden beliefs and behavioral decisions that are guiding their lives now.


Ongoing Reinforcement

Some sessions have proven to eliminate these beliefs and behaviors as a result of hypnotherapy. Clients are encouraged to bring a recording device to keep these recordings at home and listen to them to reinforce the work done during the session.


Due to my own continued work as a psychotherapist and my personal beliefs about the deep work we do in a hypnotherapy session, it is now only provided as an option to current clients in my practice as an additional tool in our work together. I am not accepting clients solely for Hypnotherapy at this time.