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Private Practice Consultation


Starting a private practice can be an overwhelming idea. Where should one start? What should the focus be?

Our work as clinicians never prepares us for running a business. If you are reading this, then it is more than likely that you are trying to figure out how to open your own practice. I believe with the right guidance and support you can learn what’s been in your blind spots and, along the way, create a practice that works for YOU.


Before we jump into questions about consulting, let me tell you a little about myself.

I started my Private Practice in 2016 and, after many twists and turns, I have learned a lot in my journey. My biggest takeaway is that an investment in my business is an investment in myself. I wanted my practice to be profitable,  but most importantly I wanted to ensure my clients were getting the support they needed. By focusing on my own professional growth, making active choices on what to invest in, and working at tailoring my practice into areas that I enjoy, I have found ways to ensure that the work I do best reflects who I am. At the same time, my practice has become profitable in a way that is measurable and that will continue to grow.

What is Private Practice Coaching?

Just like therapy there is not a one size fits all model to coaching. I start where you are. Whether that is the thought phase of starting your practice or having a practice but wanting to tailor it better to who you are and how you would like to practice. Coaching is having someone who can help dissect the ins and outs of the areas you feel unsure about and help navigate these decisions so you are able to see some forward movement in your practice.

Common questions for those starting their own practice:

If you've already taken the steps to open your private practice you may have found yourself grappling with these thoughts:


When we meet for coaching how many sessions do we schedule?

I recommend 4 sessions meeting once per month. Each appointment is 60 minutes in length.  At these appointments we will discuss pre-planned action steps so that there are established goals and you have guidance for each appointment. 


What is the cost of coaching?

Coaching sessions are purchased initially by package.  The initial package is $800 for a 4 session commitment.  All ongoing sessions can be purchased individually for $200 should the need for continued support arise. 


Do you provide any resources or templates in our work?

Yes, during our work together I will provide resources connected to your goals.  At times there may be templates to utilize to enhance our work together or templates for you to work with to implement in your own practice.  Any skills, resources, and/or paperwork I have created will become a resource for you as needed.

"Sweta has been wonderful to work with for clinical supervision and practice management. She's knowledgeable, active, and clear in helping me address the goals I have for my practice, and so insightful when addressing clinical concerns. I highly recommend working with her!"

Daina R.

Decision fatigue is real.

Deciding where to put our energy takes energy as well.  Investing in yourself is the first step to empowering yourself to do what you’ve always known you could.

I often like to remind all clinicians: we teach others to ask for guidance and support and we need the same for ourselves.  Knowing that we can’t know it all is a HUGE first step to getting the practice you’ve always envisioned. 

how should we proceed?

Still feeling unsure on whether or not coaching is a good fit for your needs?